Took a while, but we are now in white!

This is the first time we bought a car without test driving it nor seeing it for that matter. Thanks to our ever-helpful friend Lek, we managed to order our Toyota Avanza even before we arrived in Chiang Mai. Buying a car is possible as a foreigner, but it requires enough paperwork to fill a small room. Instead, we bought it in Lek’s name and that made it a more straight forward deal.

We were advised to get a new Japanese car, as resale would be swift and value would hold so we are not expected to lose too much on it when we are ready to move back. Buying a new car also means we are unlikely to have to deal with maintenance issues. Important since I’m here on my own!

We drove our new car for a few weeks without any car plates (possible here!) and then with a temporary red plate, but finally today, after more than three months on the road, we finally got our official, white plates today – which I had to put up on my own. A first.

Intentions and then there was reality

The intention was to begin at the beginning. But intentions did not quite meet reality, and here I am four months late, putting out my first post.

I had also intended this blog to be perhaps purposeful with information good enough for others who are planning to set up life here as well. I will try and capture some of that still, simplified and abridged.

Today, I’m just two days away from (already) making my first home trip with the kids to celebrate their end of term and to attend a very important conference. We are all excited in this house about the trip, but this morning, I am enjoying the winter-is-coming coolness and blue, blue skies above.

Watch this space

Follow me as I enter my new life in Chiang Mai.